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I think about you under the tree, listening to the chirring of cicadas in chorus

"Kaname is a strange girl who can see the spirits of the
insect. I met her, and fell in love with her.

This is a humble story about the summer where Kaname and
I met each other.
That summer vacation was a very special one..."

The first summer vacation came after they started going
out together.
They haven't even kissed, so with a vague hope, the protagonist
planned a summer camp.
The summer for the two started.

-After effects featuring cell-style animation!
-Not only the erotic scenes but also the story part is shown
with animation!
-More than 30 scenes at 30f/s!
-Female character is fully voice-acted by Kotone Kozuki!
-All animations have the effect sound to enliven the scenes!
-Gallery mode is available to watch the erotic scenes instantly!
SIZE: 53.3 Mb

shoujo mahou gakuen oshaberi ka doge mu

SIZE: 38.9 Mb

Naughty wife's sex life

*Event scenes are animated by AfterEffects at 30 frames/sec
Bouncing breasts, butt and ejaculations are all animated.
The girl is voice acted.

*Choose the clothing and dialog to seduce men!
You are a married woman who has a desire to sleep with a lot of men.
Control her action and choose a man from a map.
Does she succeed in getting the pleasure or does she fail and
ruin her married life?
All is up to you!

*The married woman agonies in various places/situations.
SIZE: 171.9 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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