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The house of horny maids

This is a story about the maid who suddenly
came to live in...
An animated CG collection at 30FPS.

Requires a browser that supports Flash Player 7.
SIZE: 170.4 Mb


After Dark in the Classroom

What if you capture two beautiful chicks in school
enveloped in the gathering gloom.....?
They sneaked in the school to only test their courage,
but ends up having sexual punishments!!
All the characters are voice acted in all the scenes!
Click the girls body to give harder punishments! Awesome
threesome-sex animation!!

- Sex-domination adventure game!
- Girl characters are voice acted!
- Anime-only mode!
- After-effects and flash animation!
- Clickable sex-action system!
- Gobbles up young girls with developing little breasts!
- 800x600 big screen size!
- 20 scenes with outstanding smooth animation!
SIZE: 126 Mb

For everybody who got problem with start game with
"TVP(kirikiri) 2 core - engine "

Use this program --->
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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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