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Originally Posted by Venom2011 View Post
LOL....WOW....I guess everyone has to put up with people like
Your going to ask what i mean by people like you,I will save you the typing and just tell you now.

You have made 0 posts here and way to many nags,I mean you nag more than my grandmother.
Just sit back and read some of your insults to others that just try "mate"

These are copy & Past from what you have told others.

she looks terrible bald

come on man i mean the snake picture, the pic itself is horribly low quality, but doesn't look good anyway, no offense

u seriously like that banner?

would be better with screen shots so we know what we are downloading

files dead m8

pretty average mate

needs more stufff, looks ok though

why do you upload in easy share, when the title says filesonic?

because obviously it makes complete sense to censor porn

would be better if there were more nationalities involved

not a good design, it's confusing

don't like it much, not in English, too much Japanese porn as appose to other types, but i like that you have a lot on the blog.

i like it when the guys are even older but thanks still

sites bout as dead as they get

its staged

some of the latest posts have already been removed

they are all censored and aren't even subbed

dude can you fix the display pics pls?

the thread needs more of what you have on the first page, and thanks

dude the first half a dozen or so on the first page, the links don't work, can you re-up them please

i was thinking more along the lines of tits instead of dicks when i saw milking, lack of females on the site mate

ever learn of learning from your mistakes and using a different image host?

may of the display pics aren't showing dude and the files have already been removed

The only bone I would have to pick with this site is that from the looks of it you can only read it and not download, unless you save each page individually, which is irritating, apart from that,...

it doesn't matter, the site ain't free mate, and you said it's free

i still respect the fact that your trying to make a site, can never have enough porn

looks like a good site, you can tell it's popularity is decreasing though

a lot of sites like this, could use some more vids but thanks anyway

i see that 'free' part doesn't go very far

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

That is just a few of them,I got tired of reading them after the first 2 pages.
That is what i mean about people like you,If you can not say nothing nice do not say it at all.
Thank you
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