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Amy's fantasies

The story is divided into 3 Chapters, each with
a different setting. The first story is located
at school area where all the main characters are
students or teachers.

Story 2 starts with an introduction to the new scene:
a hospital on the verge of bankruptcy due to scandal.
Hmm, that mental patient looks just like Hitomi in
Story 1. Even the name is the same...odd

SIZE: 73.55 Mb



In this hentai game you have to play some sort of
billiard in action and to solve the puzzles. All
boards are different and good drawn. Win the game
and it gives you a chance to see an undressed girl.
More winnings means less clothes.
SIZE: 85.66 Mb


For everybody who got problem with start game with
"TVP(kirikiri) 2 core - engine "

Use this program --->
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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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