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Default Re: Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!



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This slut often comes when being spanked. I don?? t even know how to punish her. Once I begin spanking her, she starts streaming and cums inevitably??¦She cums so roughly that even good old me gets all excited. And that?? s why I begin to spank her over and over??¦


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Slave girl ran away from her mistress and began masturbating. She?? ll pay for that! We?? ll thrust a huge dildo right into her juicy pussy! After that this dirty bitch will have no desires and passions for a very long, long time


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What?? s the purpose from a couple of dummy females? Surely, they are only good when it comes to slavish work. And what if they do it badly? Then, they have to be given a lesson. And that?? s what we are just about to do. And we?? ll also see the maximum weight their inner cuntal lips can maintain.


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My slave bitch was impudent enough not to wash my car the proper way. She?? ll pay with her pussy for this misdeed. I?? ll stuff her slit with a plug and will whip her genitals. Next time she won?? t ever dare to make this blunder??¦


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Feeling comfortable in this cage, honey? Your mistress comes to bring you even more comfort. Sexy, pleasing comfort that is! You can hardly move your les, what a nice chance to thrust that huge dildo in your defenseless rose. With your body warmed up a bit, I?? ll just cover your entire sweet back with burning brown wax.


Downloading 0137clip_1114_full.wmv | 58.3Mb
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Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!

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