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Default Re: Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

A Real Spanking
Starring Eve Ellis & Darby Daniels

This was Darby's first spanking video. She turned out to be a natural!
As a CPE actress, Eve most often ends her workday wishing to remain on her feet. Consequently, she gets a little peevish when her too-shy-for-videos roommate, Darby, says that Eve deserves a "real" spanking for neglecting her share of the household chores. Eve drapes herself across Darby's lap and dares her to proceed. Then Eve finds a copy of GoodSpanking magazine tucked beneath the covers on Darby's bed. Soon, Darby will know how the women in those pictures feel, with their sore, red bottoms enticingly displayed!

Downloading Video CP-39Clip1.wmv | 34.5Mb

My Naughty Sister
Starring Andrea Neal & Cleo Nichole

Andrea was a trip. She loved working with us, but was so afraid of her turn to be spanking! As soon as it was over she was cheery and chirpy.
There's no adversary like a woman's own sister: When you have to take action to keep your boyfriends, no measure is too extreme! So, Cleo finds herself the only guest at a "family meeting," called by her sister Andrea. Before she can defend herself, she's over her big sister's lap for some punishing tough love. Revenge is on Cleo's mind and the opportunity finally presents itself to take Andrea by surprise!

Downloading Video CP-38Clip1.wmv | 35.1Mb
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Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

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