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TifaTan X2

Side scrolling beat em up hentai game featuring
Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7 as the main
character fighting off men who keep trying to
sexually assault her. This one is more of a game
than a hentai as it has a large number of combos
as well as power up items you can collect. There
are five stages in total each of which has a boss
at the end, on defeating some bosses you will receive
an adult CG. When an enemy gets close to Tifa they
will start touching her up and you need to rapidly
tap the attack button to get them off. There is a
small amount of Japanese text in the menus and at
the end of boss fights.
SIZE: 21.8 Mb

Real intentions

Adult hentai game focusing on a relationship between a
teacher and a girl with glasses. This game has CG but no
animation, the CG viewing mode and scene replay mode can be
accessed from the main menu after you have finished the game
once. Depending on the choices you fill up a meter which
effects your relationship with the girl which effects how
things progress and the ending. The game has some background
music but no sound or voice for the girl.
SIZE: 80.5 Mb


Hentai game with 3 girls in which you progress by performing
actions by clicking of different parts of the girls body.
Depending on where you click different ending hentai CG are
shown. All the girls in the game are fully voiced but there
is no animations in the game. Each of the girls have 5 adult
scenes and once all of them are finished you can view all there CG.
SIZE: 150 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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