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Madame hunting gentleman tentacles

SIZE: 65.2 Mb


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After School Violation Sex School Committee

Student president Sera is the main character, and
she has a secret crush on Ryo, the vice president.
One day Sera finds Ryo's gym suit and can't help but
start masturbating.
After getting caught in the act by Ryo, the secretary,
and the accountant, Sera becomes the sexual target of three
other people. But then through special circumstances the roles
are reversed...
SIZE: 158 Mb

Date with Naomi

Ah, Naomi, Naomi... You haven`t met her yet - at
least not in real world, yet you simply CAN TELL that
she is a unique woman. You spotted her on game geek forum
- kind of unusual place for a girl to hang out, right?

After long posting in thread about `that popular game with
double in title developed by That Big Company`, you started
to exchange private messages. And between one digital world
and another, you fall for her...

They say that `life is not a game`? But perhaps is... And in
that case - you won! Naomi is as beautiful, as you hoped she`ll
be. Soooo cheerful, smart, and charming that you want to praise
good Lord in Heavens Above for crossing your pathways!

But, what`s more important - it looks like she see`s you in the same
manner. No wonder, that after charming evening she invited you to
her flat...
SIZE: 7 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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