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XXXXXX Mommy Rachel Steele -Immoral Young Man
Rachelís son had slept late. She went in his room to get him up. She sent him to the shower. His room was a disaster, she began to pick up his clothes, she pulled the sheets down to freshen up his bed and found a porn magazine. She was furious; Rachel is a very straight laced woman and she was disgusted at what she saw. She stormed into the bathroom to question him. He was already naked and in the shower. She tried not to look at his penis but it had been along time since she had sex. She did not realize how big her sonís cock was and it secretly turned her on. She tried to distract those thoughts by yelling at him for the magazine. He saw her looking at his cock and he became erect. She turned to walk away and he grabbed her pulling her into the shower, her white dress was soaked and transparent. He pulled her dress down and began soaping up her huge tits. Rachel fought back and his cock grew harder. He turned her around and pushed her up against the shower wall. She felt his hands pull her panties down to her ankles, then he spread her legs and slid his cock in her sweet pussy.

This was the most amazing feeling for them both. Rachelís husband worked so much he had a hard time getting erections and her son was jerking off to porn while fantasizing sexual thoughts of his mother. Rachel felt several hard thrusts and stopped him. He pushed her to her knees and his cock was so big and pointing right in her face, she gave in and slowly, lovingly took his cock in her hot mouth. He moaned in pleasure. Rachel had known she had gone too far so she pulled him down on top of her and he entered her again, this time she did not fight back. She loved the way his cock felt, she raked her nails down his back and thrust her hips forward to get every inch he had. She came so fast and she wanted him to cum so she sucked his cock and played with his balls, jerking, sucking, tits in his face, she spread her legs open and masturbated for him. He sat down next to her and she sucked his cum out of him. He blew his load all over her. When they were done, Rachel confessed she felt guilty, her son did not.

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[DF] My hot collection

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