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Mummy and Son XXXXXX -Mommy Rachel Steele -My Passionately Protective Mother HD
Filename: MILF797-Protective_Mother ****
Rachel and her son Jonathan lived alone and worked together to keep up their home. Jonathan was to be married in a few months. Rachel lost her husband years ago so money was tight for them but they made ends meet. One afternoon Jonathan came home early with terrible news, he was laid off from his job. Without his income they would fall short of the mortgage. Rachel consoled him letting him know she could get a second job. The next week Rachel landed a secretary position, the pay was way under what they needed. Jonathan was very worried. Rachel hated to see him so stressed. She tried to again console him. He was in charge of the finances and knew she did not understand their hopeless situation. The following day his fiancť called off the wedding. Jonathan went into a deep depression. Rachel saw this and did not know what to do. She felt guilty for letting him take on the role as the man of the house. Jonathan knew he had to leave to find work and packed his bag. Rachel heard him in the night and went to see what he was doing. He was emptying his clothes into bags. He told her he had to go. Rachel panicked. She had never been alone. He was her man. She cried and begged him not to go. He let her run out of his room. He sat on the couch and drank several shots to calm his nerves. Rachel stayed in her room thinking about how to convince him to stay. She would do ANYTHING to keep him home with her. She dressed in sexy lingerie and walked into the living room. Jonathan, head in hands, looked up at her. She sat and told him she had an idea. Rachel whispered into his ear to follow her to her room. It was there she disrobed to reveal her seductive lingerie. Jonathanís eyes almost popped out of his head. He loved her so. He never thought another woman was as beautiful as she was. Rachel began to tell him her plan but he kissed her.

Rachel wrapped her arms around him pulling him close. He gently bit her bottom lip. Rachel felt his cock grow and poke at her thigh. She pulled down her bra so he could suck on her nipples. They both knew what was going to happen. True love was obvious. They laid down on the bed. Jonathan took his shorts off to show his mother just what she did to him. Rachel had never seen such an erect cock. He held it pointing it to her. Rachel looked him in the eyes and asked him if he really wanted her to do that. He smiled. Rachel slowly went to her sonís cock and gently took him in her mouth. Both of them moaned. Jonathan had always wanted to taste her so he licked her clit and her lips until she became wet. He moved up opening her legs and thrust himself inside her. Rachel pulled him close, kissing him passionately. He promised he would never leave her. They made love until he was ready to cum. Rachel opened her mouth so she could taste him. He came in her mouth and she swallowed it. The embraced and knew that their love would conquer all!

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[DF] My hot collection

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