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Mummy and Son XXXXXX -Mommy Rachel Steele -Quiet Kitchen Fuck With Mother
Rachel was all dressed up in a new dress. She was ready to go to her friendís party with her husband. When she walked out in the living room he was still sitting in his chair, not dressed for the party. She asks him why he was not ready and he replied that he was not going. She had been excited about this party all week. He said he did not like the people having the party and was not going. She was very disappointed and walked into the kitchen. He son came into the kitchen and said he heard the whole thing and said he should not treat her like that. She just smiled, gave him a hug and turned to leave for the party. He grabbed her arm and whirled her around against the kitchen counter. He buried his face in her neck and started kissing her. She was overwhelmed by the fact her son was doing this and her husband was in the next room. He reached up behind her neck and untied her dress. The top of her dress dropped down to reveal her huge boobs. Rachel moaned as her son caressed her boobs. He lifted her leg up onto the counter and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy quickly got wet as he slid his fingers in and out. She struggled to stay quiet as he worked her towards orgasm. He put her up on the counter and put his face in her crotch.

She moaned quietly as he licked her pussy. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries as she orgasmed. Once she calmed down she returned the favor. She dropped to her knees and pulled out her sonís cock. She slid the cock all the way to the root, giving her son his first deep throat. Sucking her sonís cock got her so turned on that she was ready for another orgasm. She leaned over the counter and lifted her dress. He slid his hard cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind. He had to cover her mouth because his father was the next room. She quickly had another orgasm. This time she was ready to finish him off. She got back down on her knees and started sucking her sonís cock again. She could taste her pussy juices on his cock. When she started licking his balls it sent him over the edge. He grabbed his cock and jerked a big load all over her face. She cleaned up and left for her party with a smile on her face.

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[DF] My hot collection

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