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Mother Autie and Son XXXXXX -Mommy Rachel Steele -Tricked Into Fucking Her Son
Paula and Rachel are relaxing in the kitchen with a few glasses of wine after a hard day of shopping. Paula does not drink a lot so the normally conservative housewife is loosening up quickly. Rachel is complaining that she does not have sex with her husband and has to masturbate all the time for relief. Paula reaches down into her shopping bag and pulls out a tiny bikini. She suggests to Rachel that if she wore a bikini like this her husband would be all over her. Paula says although she bought it, she is not sure that she could ever bring herself to wear it. Rachel convinces her to try her on a give her a little show. Paula goes into the other room to change. She wobbles back out into the kitchen on her high heels. Rachel gets her to start dancing for her and acting like a stripper. What Rachel is not telling Paula is that Paulaís son is watching through the doorway. Paula has her back to her son and does not see him. After watching his motherís lewd dance he slips out of the house. The dirty dancing has both women so hot that Rachel grabs Paula by the hand and drags her into the bedroom. Rachel pushes Paula onto the bed and pulls her tits out and takes the bikini bottoms off. Paula drunkenly asks her what she is doing. The questions stop when Rachel pulls off her top, kisses Paula and then starts licking her pussy. Once Paula is wet and ready Rachel shows her what she bought shopping today; a strap-on! Rachel puts Paula on all fours facing the mirrored closet so she can watch. She wastes no time in jamming the dildo all the way into Paulaís pussy. As Paula is moaning from the fucking Rachel asks her if she wishes this was her sonís cock. Paula says no. Rachel continues to fuck her hard and keeps telling her to imagine that it is her son fucking her. Paula finally admits that she likes the idea and starts screaming about her son fucking her. She collapses after a huge orgasm. Rachel decides that she is going to figure out a way to get Paula to fuck her son. She figures that if she can seduce him then she can make it happen. Rachel goes back over to Paulaís house the next day. She knows Paula is gone for the day. She is sitting on the couch with Paulaís son making small talk when she tells him she saw him watching his motherís stripper dance. He was reluctant to talk about it but after asking him about it several times he admitted that it turned him on. She said she would take care of it. She grabbed him by the hand and led him into the same bedroom she fucked Paula in the day before. She stripped them both naked and put him on his back. She smothered his faced with her huge boobs and then sat on him and teased him by sliding her wet pussy up and down his hard cock. She crawled down in between his legs and started sucking his cock. Once he was nice and hard she assumed her favorite position on her hands and knees. As soon as he slid his cock into her hot pussy she told him to imagine he was fucking is mother. She told him to pretend that he was fucking his mother. She rolled over on her back and had him slide back into the saddle. She told him to scream fuck me momm..y. When he was close to cumming she put him on his back and slid his pussy juice covered cock back in her mouth. She told him to think about his mother sucking his cock while she did it. She told him to stick his fingers deep into her pussy and imagine that it was his motherís pussy he was fingering. As she sucked him she told him to imagine all the things they were doing together with his mother including fucking her in the ass. She told him she was going to make it happen. He could not hold out any longer and shot a huge load in her mouth. She could barely swallow it all. Rachel has now fucked Paula and fucked Paulaís son. She has a plan to get them to fuck each other. The son is on board but she knows she is going to have to trick Paula. She goes over to Paulaís house and tells her that she has taken a young lover. She goes into detail about how this lover who is half her age fucks her so well. She gets Paula to admit her sex life sucks. She proposes that she gets her young lover to come over and they can both fuck him. She is reluctant so Rachel suggests that Paula will be blindfolded so she will never know who he is; just some hardcore anonymous sex. After considering it for a few moments Paula agrees. Rachel is claps her hands in excitement and gets on the phone to arrange everything. After getting her to drink a few glasses of wine, Rachel has Paula nude and blindfolded in the bedroom. She runs her hands up and down her body and then slides her tongue into Paulaís pussy. She licks and plays with Paulaís pussy until she is squirming. Paulaís son has been watching the hot lesbian action from the doorway the entire time. Rachel motions for him to get on the bed and not say anything. Paula would recognize her sonís voice immediately. Rachel tells him to scoot up to Paulaís face and tells Paula to suck the cock that is in front of her. Paula starts to give her son an awesome blowjob. She has no idea that she is sucking and jerking her sonís cock. Rachel is busy licking Paulaís pussy while Paula has a mouthful of her sonís cock.

Rachel is egging her on telling her how much she needs it, getting her to admit how much she loves sucking on that strange hard cock. It is time to get fucked. She puts Paula on all fours and has her son slide his cock into his motherís pussy. Rachel keeps asking her how it feels and she gets banged from behind, still not knowing that she getting fucked by her son. Just before she is about to climax, Rachel pulls the blindfold off and she looks into the mirror in horror as she sees it is her son that is giving her the great fuck. She pulls her pussy off his cock and scoots away. Rachel grabs her so she cannot run away. She reminds her how much she was enjoying it. Paula is so horny and so close to cumming that she is desperate for an orgasm. The wine and her horniness have her inhibitions at an all time low. Rachel forces Paula back on her hands and knees. This time Rachel tells him to fuck his mother in the ass. Paulaís grow wide as the head of his cock pops into her ass. It has been a long time since she has let her husband ass fuck her and her sonís cock is much bigger than she is used to. Rachel is directing the scene as he continues to fuck his mother. She gets the son to say how much he loves fucking his mother. He cannot take it any longer and shoots his load inside his mother. The young stud does not even lose his hard-on so Rachel decides it is her turn. She wants to get another load of cum in her mouth. She starts sucking his cock. She tells Paula to get close so she can watch her sonís cock go in and out of Rachelís mouth. When he is ready to shoot he grabs his cock and shoots to load on her tongue. Rather than swallow it she holds it in her mouth. She crawls over to Paula and shows her the load of cum in her mouth. Then she leans over and dribbles it all over Paulaís tits. Rachel rubs the sonís load of cum all over Paulaís chest.
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[DF] My hot collection

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