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Default XXXXXX Rachel Steele, Blackmailed Into Having Sex With Son (1-3)

XXXXXX Rachel Steele, Blackmailed Into Having Sex With Son (1-3)
Mom's lover dropped by the family house while mom was out shopping and handed to her son David, 20 different explicitly compromisig video tapes in which mom was having sex with him.
David was more than happy see the mother in the compromised position and waited patiently till mom returned from shopping.
"Hi, mom have a sit." David said to the mother when she arrived, "there's something I want to show."
Before mom's plump booty hit the couch, David grabbed telecommand and pressed play.
The mother couldn't believe her eyes. She blinked with disbelief at the lewd images of her torrid lovemaking affair emanating from the TV.
David sat watching with conspiratorial air of amusement at the moans of the mother having sex with her lover on TV.
But mom couldn't take it anymore. She snapped to her feet screaming at David to turn off the TV. Then she ran crying like a baby to her room.
Now David was sure he was going to have that full booty and had already devised a plan of how to blackmail the mother.
Without leaving her the time to recover from the shock, David invited mom to the living.
"You know, I would hate to see and Dad get into any kind of situation," David said in his conspiratorial tone. "You know, it would definitely end in a divorce with you losing your comfortable lifestyle."
"Oh no! David. We can't let your father see those tapes. We've got to destroy them immediately." the mother managed to say through her tears.
"Don't worry about it mom," David said consoling the mother. "Dad will never see those tapes if you do something for me."
"What David? You know I'll do anything for you. Don't you?" the mother said.
"If you'll be my sex mentor and let me screw you...." David started say but the mother screamed in utter disbelief and dashed out of the living in terror.....

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