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Default XXXXXX Rachel Steele, Anthony's Wet Dream

XXXXXX Rachel Steele, Anthony's Wet Dream
Anthony was peeking in on his mom and sister as they shared the bathroom. They were primping in the mirror with open robes. He was stroking his cock watching them. Anthony had a strong desire to be with them both sexually for years. Rachel and her daughter Kelsie tickled each other and showed off their boobs to each other. This playfulness really turned on Anthony. He returned to Rachelís bed and jerked off. He started daydreaming; Rachel and Kelsie walked in on him.
They did not act surprised to see him. Rachel dropped her robe and was wearing a hot sexy number just for him. Kelsie smiled and crawled on the bed next to him. Anthony looked at his mother and she did the same. They told them they knew of his desire and want to fulfill it. Mom started sucking his cock before he could say a word. His sister gave him long deep open mouth kisses. His sister took a turn sucking her brotherís cock. Rachel fed him her huge motherly tits.
Rachel asked him if he wanted the ultimate, to fuck them both. He (of course) wanted that. Rachel knew he may be overwhelmed so she got on top and guided him in her. She let him thrust it in a few times then she got off to suck him some more. She wanted everything to be slow for his first time. Kelsie asked her brother to fuck her. Anthony opened his sisterís legs and drove his long cock inside her. Kelsie moaned as Rachel masturbated and kissed her daughter. Anthony watched his beautiful mother make out with his sweet sister. He watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Mother was next, this time Rachel let him fuck her harder, and Kelsie sucked on her motherís tits while Anthony slid his cock in and out. Anthony pulled out and began fucking his sister again. Now mother and daughter had been satisfied, it was Anthonyís time. Rachel and Kelsie put their faces next to each other and told him to blow his load on them. Anthony came in his momís open mouth and on his sisterís face. This was too good to be true he thought. Just then Anthony awoke on the couch. He was fully clothed and a bit confused. He reached down to feel his cock. It was hard and his zipper was open. No one was home; he shook his head thinking what a dream that was! Too bad it was just a dream!

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