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Default XXXXXX Rachel Steele - You Are a Real Motherfucker Son

XXXXXX Rachel Steele - You Are a Real Motherfucker Son
Rachelís friend Penny dropped by to visit. Rachelís son sat on the couch texting friends. Penny had not seen Rachel for a while and asked how is she was getting along after the divorce. Rachel had been divorced for about 6 months. She asked Rachel if she had been dating anyone. Rachel had been on a few dates but really had not met anyone who she was interested in. Penny assured her she had not found the right person. Rachel quickly changed the subject. She went shopping that day today and found the sexiest shoes. She bent over to pick up shoebox from floor, her back facing her son who was looking intently at her ass. Rachel bent over exposing the tops of her stockings. Her son became aroused and began to rub the front of his pants. Penny sees Johnnyís reaction.
As Rachel straightens up to shows her friend her new 6 inch black stiletto pumps. Wow, says Penny, they are sexy all right, put them on, and show them off. Rachel blushed and modeled the shoes. They make your legs so sexy, donít they Johnny? asked Penny. Rachel looked at Johnny and said, Do u really think so? Rachel felt a bit embarrassed. Penny suggested they should go shopping together some time soon, Rachel thought that would be fun. Penny had to get home and asked if Johnny would give her a ride, she needed some help at her house. Johnny shrugged and left with Penny. Johnny and Penny arrived at her place. She wanted to show him something that she thought he might like. Johnny sat down and waited.
She went to her bedroom removed her clothes and put on garter belt, dark stockings and high heel pumps, with skimpy bra and panties. She walked in to see Johnny. He was shocked, she asked him if he liked the way she looked, and did he like older women, he answered yes. She saw how he looked at his mother when she bent over and when she wore the stiletto pumps. Penny told him to pretend that she was his mother. She embraced Johnny kissing him and straddling him. She felt his cock in his pants. She removed his pants and shirt, and began to suck his cock. She removed her bra; he kissed her breasts and removed her panties. He continued to kiss her stocking legs and pussy. She responded, oh Johnny you really want to fuck your mother donít you. Make believe I am your mother, fuck me with that big hot cock, let me feel your balls banging my pussy. Let us go into the bedroom she says. Penny took him into the bedroom where he fucked the daylights out of her. He climaxed on her pussy. She exclaimed that was fantastic. She asks Johnny have you ever approached your mother about your feelings for her. Johnny said no he was embarrassed. Penny told him she would take care of it. The next day, Penny and Rachel return from shopping to Rachelís house. Johnny was not home. Penny sat Rachel down to talk, she tells her a woman with her looks should be spending more time with men than shopping with women. Rachel agrees. Penny asks her what type of men attracts her.
Rachel pauses and confides that young men attract her. Penny asks her if she has ever had sex with young men. Rachel told her no because they remind her of her son. Penny confesses she thinks her son is very handsome and sexy. She tells Rachel about fucking him. Rachel gasped. Penny continued the details. He fucked me last night after he took me home, in fact I saw him looking at you when u wore those stiletto pumps, and you gave him a big hard on. I took advantage of that that is why I had him take me home. I wore sexy lingerie and pretended I was you. It drove him wild. His big cock rammed me on and on. It was the best sex I have had in months. Rachel could not believe what she is hearing. Do not be so surprised said Penny, I know a few women who have had sex with their sons. It is not that uncommon. They are all adults, just like you and Johnny. It is no oneís business if it is your sexual satisfaction and happiness. She relates a story about a mutual friend who has a sexual relationship with her son. Rachel began to soften and could to see possibilities. Even if she wanted to try it, she would be embarrassed to initiate it or would not know what to say.
Penny told her, Leave it to me. I will plan the occasion and prime you for what to do. I will be seeing Johnny at my place tomorrow night. He will not know you will be there. I will get him started and then you can appear dressed to in your sexy stockings, garter belt, and stiletto pumps. He will not be able to resist you. OK I will try it, and I hope you are right. The following evening, Johnny arrived at Pennyís house; they sat on the sofa and begin to make out. Soon Johnny had all his clothes off. He licked her pussy, and she sucked his cock. Rachel was watching from the doorway. Johnny did not realize his mother was watching. After some time, Penny told Johnny she has a surprise for him. Rachel walked in wearing a very sporty slip and brief panties with stiletto pumps. She walked over to her son and began teasing him saying she understand that seeing her in stockings and pumps made his cock hard. Rachel knows he will like this private show. In her hands, she had a garter belt and seamed stockings. She sat down next to Johnny, removed her shoes, and slowly put on the garter belt, and on one stocking.
Rachel stroked her leg and then the other stocking, attaching both to garter belt suspenders. Do you like the way I look Johnny? She put on her pumps and walked over to him. He stroked her legs and kissed them, kissing around the garter suspenders. She removed her short slip. Do you like these breasts son, do you? Oh, yes mother. She then sat and removed her panties; he kissed her pussy and breasts. She felt his cock so hard and full of cum. Rachel sucked her sonís cock eagerly. They kissed passionately. Are you going to fuck your mother now Johnny with that hard cock? He says, I have wanted to fuck you for so long. Off to the bedroom all three went. Rachel immediately starts sucking his cock while Penny watches and pleasures herself. He pushes her back on the bed and slides into her pussy. I can feel your balls hitting my pussy, you are a real motherfucker son!. Penny keeps moving closer to the bed until she is sitting right next to them. Johnny pulls his cock out of his mother and shoots a load on her pussy. Rachel motions Penny over to lick the cum off her pussy.

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