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Default Re: Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

The Disciplinarians
Stars: Isadora Rose Ruby Richards Angela Faith Brook Taylor Summer Knight

It s a rare treat: see a famous female disciplinarian teach the art of girl-spanking to her best pupil! Learning from Dana Johansen (cool blonde beauty Star Chandler) can be a bruising experience, but cute Kim (Isadora Rose) is anxious to try. Enter Mrs. Josephine Jones (adult film sensation Angella Faith) sent by her husband for "correction"-translation: relentless spanking! And when two snobbish young socialites wangle their way into Johansen's lair, Courtney and Rebecca (sexy Summer Knight and adorable Brook Taylor) make perfect subjects for Kim's practice. And does she learn a lesson!

Downloading The Disciplinarians.wmv | 194.1Mb

Crossing The Limit
Stars: Ashley Renee Alexis Payne Amanda Morrison Ruby Richards

Five pretty babes get in on this never to be forgotten, round robin spanking epic. Erica (Olivia Chase) is a shop-a-holic. When her spending threatens a planned trip to London, her roommate Nancy (Star Chandler) blows her stack and goes on a panties down, punishment rampage. Two of her pals, April and Mattie Ashley Renee and Amanda Morrison) went on the shopping sprees, so they wind up over a knee themselves. Moreover, another gal with a strong hand gets into the act, Rita the landlady (Alexis Payne), who is understandably exasperated with all of them.

Downloading Crossing The Limit.wmv | 195.8Mb
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Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

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