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Default [RS] Hot Chicks Perfect Tits @ Rapidshare

Trina Michaels

Update: April 28th, 2008

Seems we find most of our hotties out driving around, gotta love California! We saw a girl walkin to her car in what thought was just a bra and just had to see what her story was. Trina was turning in a job application and we could not believe what she was wearing to go apply for a job. She didn't get the job, more then likely cause of what she was wearing! We offered her a job for about an hour and a thousand dollars and she knew right away she would be fucking and sucking on camera.


Sophia Limellli

Update: April 28th, 2008

Anyone who'll bump into Sophia will surely get a rise in an instant, just like what happened to me the other day. I can't help but drool over her soft perfect tits and my cock was dying to burst out of my jeans. It's a good thing she's not that hard to persuade to come with me and we're back to my place in a breeze. This hot chick smothered me with her big tits and my favorite part is when I slid my hard cock in between her massive breasts. That's just the beginning and I move down Sophia to fuck her wet pussy. Sophia definitely looked hot much more when her tits are bouncing.


Update: April 28th, 2008

My friends and I were doing a survey and we decided to hit the road to look for respondents. My eyes locked instantly to Sophia, it was really her massive perfect tits that caught my attention and even my cock responded with a sudden rise. Everything went smoothly and the next thing I knew, her big boobies were bouncing inside my ride back to my place. I was all over her sexy body, sucking her big tits and slamming my cock deep down her wet pussy. Sophia sure had a blast riding my throbbing cock.

Shy Love

Update: April 28th, 2008

From a distance we saw a cury sexy Latina going into the bath and lotion store. We waited outside and tried to tell her we were security and we needed to check her bags. Shy looked at us and knew exactly who we were, she should since Julian has fucked her before. We told her that she now needs to fuck Johnny to see who is better. Being a horny Latina, she was ready to see whose big cock was better.

Sheila Marie

Update: April 28th, 2008

The search for the newest member of Hot Chicks Perfect Tits did not take that long. I saw Sheila parading her scrumptious goods, and with the help of my charms we ended up tossing and turning on the couch. Sheila sucked my stiff man meat before I pushed my way deep inside her wet pussy. You can see me dump my hot thick load straight to her perfect boobies.

Savannah Gold

Update: April 28th, 2008

As she walked by we thought she was way out of our league. When she noticed the UK soccer shirt Max was wearing she came right up to us. Savanah was from England and started talking about the soccer shirt. She was in town for a modeling shoot and we told her we had a studio, she joking laughed that she has heard that one before. We told her that we do adult modeling and that was no problems for a European girl. Savanah came back to the studio and did some photos to warm up before she started sucking and fucking on camera!

Rylee Richards

Quote: Update: April 28th, 2008

Out shopping for cars we took the camera to get video of all the cars we looked out. In the car lot we saw a hottie looking at some of the cars and started talking to her and found out she was into cars. We told her about the Lambo we have at the house and she wanted to see it bad. Rylee said she would do anything for a ride. We told her trade her a ride for a ride and she was up for it. After taking her a spin in the car, we took her for a spin on my cock!

Raquel de Rossi

Update: April 28th, 2008

Alan and I were out for a car ride when a hottie pulls up beside us. At first she really didn't look over and was racing us from red light to red light. Didn't think she was gonna be game for our site here. She pulled over and we followed her and she was pretty flirty. Raquel has done some modeling in the past and we told her we could give her some new work. Being in need of some new exposure Raquel was up for the adventure!

Nikki Grind

Update: April 28th, 2008

Some days we get the girls right away, and then there are some days like today. After being shot down girl after girl, we were calling it quits and going out for a beer. Right before we shut down the camera a huge set of cleavage caught our eye. Jack was gonna give it one last chance before we called it quits and went up to her. He sat down and started talking to Nikki and she was flirting pretty hard. Once he told her we were shooting for a porn site, seeing if she would freak out, she was really interested and was cool with it. After a bit of thinking, she was wanting to be fucked hard on camera!

Nicole Heiress

Update: April 28th, 2008

Stephano was out getting some coffee and made the call to get down there with the gear, he found us a hottie. On the way there we saw one of our guys that looked like he got into an accident. A girl putting on her makeup rear ended him at a red light. Nichole said she would do anything to avoid having this on her driving record. Anything, well hmm, she was hot and when we told her she could work it off being on our site. She didn't even think twice about it and was coming back to the studio where she was quick to work off the fender bender!

Mika & Rachel Starr

Update: April 28th, 2008

I found Mika and Rachel having a good time in my pool. I watched them take off their hot bikinis, revealing their firm butts and perfect tits. These hot chicks invited me to join them and with those big buns they got I spent the rest of the day fucking their tits and moist slits. I fucked Mika and Rachel just like they wanted and you can see me glazing their perfect tits with my thick load!


Update: April 28th, 2008

Hot chick Mikayla was advertising her sleek car the other day and she is really desperate to sell her ride. Our conversation went smoothly just like when I slide my cock between her massive floaters and inside her tight snatch. This hot slut turns me on even more and just watch me screw her perfect tits and pussy harder!


Update: April 28th, 2008

This gifted hot chick looks so stunning in her sexy bikini and I'm lucky I was able to control my hands and cock before it heads straight to her perfect tits for a moment. Mariah was up for a nasty fun and I quickly grabbed this chance to suck and fuck her massive funbags as well as her pussy. Mariah does have a huge appetite for lewd stuffs, which I generously filled for minutes of blasting her wet slit.


Update: April 28th, 2008

I found a Lichelle Marie walking around the parking lot the other day and she has her hands full of stuffs to carry, so I walked towards her to help her. This hot blonde chick accepted my good gesture and up close I can see her hard nipples luring my cock to dive under her skirt in that instant. I invited her to come to my place and there I started to fill my mouth with her sweet big juggs. Lichelle wants my cock, so I asked her to turn around and I hammered her doggy style. Lichelle wants more and I buried my rock hard cock deep inside her shaved snatch.


Update: April 28th, 2008

At the local college campus we headed over to the Performing Arts building hoping to find some film students. We saw a girl sitting on the stairs doing some studying so we went up to her and told her we needed some help reading a script we wrote for the screenwriting class. Hunter agreed to help read the script and then she realized it was for a porno. She said that it wasn't a good script unless she could act it out. We told her we could go to the studio to act it out instead of reading out. Back at the studio she got more into character and played the part perfectly!

Daphne Rosen

Update: April 28th, 2008

I saw Daphne flaunting her perfect tits in the parking lot and I was like dying to grab it right away. I thought I've seen the perfect tits in town but Daphne showed me something that made my jaw drop down. I took my time feasting on her big tits as I suck and fuck it before I moved down to pound her shaved pussy. Watch closely as I keep on banging her sweet coochie and perfect boobies harder!

Crista Moore

Update: April 28th, 2008

During a holiday we headed over the mall knowing that some of the hotties would be shopping on their day off. Hanging out in the parking lot scoping out the girls coming out of the mall we saw what appeared to be a pornstar. Talking to Christa she was not a pornstar but a dancer. Thinking that we could see if we can change her mind we offered her some cash and sure enough, she made the leap from dancer to Hot Chick with Perfect Tits!

Claire Dames

Update: April 28th, 2008

I found Claire waiting for someone the other day and her perfect tits got my attention first. This hot chick sure does have cute puppies underneath her sexy top and I can't wait to rip it all the way. Getting this hottie is just a piece of cake and minutes after I was fucking her big tits and shaved pussy. I just love fucking hot women with perfect tits and you can Claire is certainly one of them.

Carmella Bing

Update: April 28th, 2008

It was a sunny morning when I saw this gorgeous nymph parading her good stuffs. It was definitely an early cock rising experience for me and I did not waste time to get her name and snatch her back to my place. While we're talking, my eyes were glued to her hot big tits and I can't wait to give Carmela some gentle rubbing. Damn, her tits and pussy felt good, as I fucked them until she stopped asking for more.

Candy Mason

Update: April 28th, 2008

We always heard of how hard it was to pick up a hot waitress cause of all the guys that hit on them all day. That didn't stop us from tryin on this hottie. We hit on her and flirted with her and she was flirting right back, probably hoping for a good tip! We then told her we have a site that she would be perfect for and she was curious. After we told her we would not only pay her, but fuck her brains loose she was clocking out and getting into our truck.
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