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Dancing F selfish

Lala is trained to become a female slave!

Lala got called by Peke, but this was a trap.
She is assaulted at her sensitive parts by a biological
machine with tentacles. And just before she is about to cum,
the act stops.
"Just as I thought, the selfish princess cannot resist this.
If you want to cum, suck my dick!"
Lala gives in to the enemy and she starts sucking..

Blowjob as much as you like! Smooth game, F mode is equipped.
- Licking tips, deep throat, facial shot, swallowing at will
- You can change the angle
- By dragging the mouse, you can control the blowjob

- Even if Lala looks ready to cum, select the "Don't make her
cum" option, and watch as she is forced to endure more, bit by bit.
- Adjust your reactions, from forcibly cuming inside her, to
cuming outside on her face. Make her cum in different ways, with
6 alternate variations.
- Punish and train her until she finally gives in and pleads for
release, "Please, please make me cummm!!" And then finally, the
explosive cuming scene…
SIZE: 101 Mb

Virtual Sex Lady Runa

A beautiful girl Runa is wanting you, letting out gasp
(voice for ecstasy and twisting body (movies). By your mouse
clicking or pressing UP key on keyboard, insert yours into her
ass. Runa's sensitive body and gasp reacts your order, and insertion
is so virtual. 12 situations which contains various sexy figures
(movie) and bawdy crying (narration
SIZE: 101 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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