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Policewoman Dog Gangbang Training

* The contents of this game include bestiality, sexual
violation, group violation, conception, and possibly offensive
occurrences (rather, it consists of these.)
Those opposed to these scenarios please use your better

While patrolling on jurisdiction with her canine partner,
Ron, policewoman Kasumi coincidentally runs into currently
wanted robbers.
Unexpectedly, Kasumi is captured by the group of robbers who
are at their wits end. The robbers confine her along with Ron,
with no methods of communication.

Depending on whether you choose the "bestiality" route or the
"gang violation" route, the storyline diverges. There are
6 possible ending, whether or not she can escape depends on your decisions!
SIZE: 288 Mb


Hero of that game is crazy about comics. He likes not
only read them, but draw them. That's why he decided to
make a carieer as a manga artist. Today is his first day
at new job and he should produce an impression on the boss.
Even may be he will be lucky enough to fuck somebody.
SIZE: 9 Mb

Miss Heroine - The Adventures

SIZE: 15 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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