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Knuckle Pine TURBO

*There's an arena in the underground where illegal
boxing matches are held regularly.
There we can find a female boxer named Pine who is

*The game is to fight against the female boxer and win.

You can play this game just by selecting 2 of the 6 panels.
The number written there is the force of the attack.
The winner is decided when the damage of the either side
reaches a certain amount.
If the number on both left and right side is the same,
you can gain a SA point.
5 SA points allow you to give a special attack which can
give a damage of 5 points.

When panels appear on the 4 corners of the window,
clicking on the panel with * mark
allows you to access another stage.

Please enjoy this boxing game which focuses on the
breast bouncing!
SIZE: 75 Mb

Ghost ship pirate king - Princess Arufiana and tentacles

SIZE: 197 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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