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Chicks and Dicks Puzzled 3

The theme of this adult game is a first sexual
experience. Author has collected a nice set of
pictures and videos with sexy hentai girls losing
virginity. As an always, you should resolve some
puzzles before you can see them.
SIZE: 8 Mb

Immoral darkness

This is a comic novel CG collection about sexual
training, set in the fictional world of Kage*ou II.

The story is progressed by means of comics, a novel,
illustrations and CG images.
The game story turns into a parody story. The story's
driving force is Rachel's quest for revenge.

The genres of this game are sexual training, bestiality,
childbirth, body remodeling and hermaphrodites.

The main character is Alicia, but there are a few others.
There are 11 base CG images. Includes variations.
The comic is 56 pages long, includes illustrations.
SIZE: 94 Mb

Water Maid

Sex-training sim game where you try to make your childhood
friend to be a geek by letting her know how wonderful anime is.

36 main CG pictures, boasting a total of over 250 images.
18 sexual scenes. (32 incl. alternate scenes).
Over 1300 lines, voice acted by Akatsuki Kotone.
You can put her on various kinds of costumes of animes such as
GuNdam Seed, Evangelion, Rozen raiden, Suzumira Haruhi no Yuutsu.

As you play through, you will get a title which enables
you to take bonus effects.
Four ending patterns are available. Complete them all!!
SIZE: 193 Mb

Monster Prisoner

SIZE: 57 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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