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Lapisgunner headed out on a mission to rescue
Lupiestriker from the enemy organization, but
instead fell straight into their hands!
When attacked by tentacles, the heroines transform
for justice! And when the egg-laying commences...
Art by Jacky and scenario by assault!
This adult combo brings you the tentacle game you've
all been waiting for!
SIZE: 214 Mb

Is the plum tree in bloom

This is the volume 1 of the 100 yen series.

An animated novel to click to proceed.
11 erotic animated scenes.

A one button to finish the scene at any time you wish.

Voice and sound are included. (voice by Ron Shaoru)

The main character is busy with the study and part-time jobs.
He is frustrated for not being able to see Koume, his
girlfriend often.
One day, he finds her in his bed, who sleeps on his bed
after cleaning up his room.
SIZE: 91 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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