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Default Re: Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!


0179clip_1060 I adore the feeling of control over a suspended body. A naked female body, juiced up for punishment and totally helpless. Marvelous! Let me just make you shiver with a bit of sweet pain, I bet those tits and pussy lips will enjoy some. Not enough? Try some of this hot wax, my doll! When I see your body twitching from my power, I am just so wet and sore down there??


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0180clip_1059 You naughty bitch, this time you deserve to be punished as it should be! Do you like sitting here, frightened and tied up, while I smack you on your face? Pull your ass up, and I??™ll drive this big thing right into your cunt! The only way to salvation for you is to please me as good as you can with your tongue, let me untie your gag, come on, lick it!


Downloading 0180clip_1059_full.wmv | 34.1Mb
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Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!

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