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Maya kunoichi gangbang

Female ninja Maya is captured and restraint. There,
fully errected Goblins attack her!

*Short adventure game of gang-rape. Various situations
available depending on your choice.
*Female character is fully voice acted. Smooth animation
with sound effects.
*Various acts such as breast massage, touching the lower
body, breast sex, internal cumshot, anal sex, threesome,
foursome, etc.

Dirty monsters' persistent assault makes Maya scream and...
leads to the sea of pleasure.
SIZE: 167 Mb


The robbery group was approaching the small corner town in
one Kingdom, as though the town was covered by the dark shadow.

The robbers’ bloody hands were all over the young girls.

Just another day…

A gentle while-colored skin female priest was looking after
the poor sick men and women and orphans at the central cathedral.

A lively brown-skinned dancer was showing her natural sexy beauty
by dancing seductively at the bar in the north-side. She was
receiving a lot of cheers from the audience.
… Suddenly, the robbers began invading. Screaming children,
confused people began running away. The floor was now covered with

… To protect the loved ones, all sorts of different girls began
fighting with the robbers.

What would be the young girls’ fate under the horrible condition,
no-mercy…the young girls, up until then, who had remained virgins
all this time…

? Punch, kick, slap, rip off the clothes, pull, grope; violence and
eroticism fighting game.
? If you win, you can enter into the group humiliation adventure game!
? Abundant situations, total 6 kinds. Of course, all full animation!
SIZE: 228 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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