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Default SP-Soccer fans (2009)

SP-Soccer fans (2009)

Болельщицы футбола (2009)

Language: English + Russian

Did you see? Dual sound track, English and Russian.

No need to explain this video about the sexual adventures of Russian girls, fans of soccer and above all of soccer players.

I have the DVD files of this video since sometime but only during the conversion I noticed they have an English sound track. I did not convert, edited or replaced the audio tracks.

The two soundtracks in the MKV video are the Russian and English AC3 original sound tracks from the DVD.

I just remuxed them to change their order and make English the default track.

Once the conversion finished, as usual, I watched this video on TV to see if it was all Ok. It was when I heard the English sound track for the first time. I laughed till tears came to my eyes.

I could not resist to post it immediately and share the fun with you.

Just read this dialogue in the opening scene:


Three girls nude in bed licking each other in lesbian action.

(Girl 1) - Girls isn't it boring?

(Girl 2) - Let's find some guys on TV and masturbate.
A few minutes later, the same three girls nude in bed, watching soccer (players) and masturbating.
(Girl 1) - Girls I come so hot watching those boys. I want all of them

(Girl 3) - What's the problem? I know some of those football players. I can call them.
Now, imagine all this said by a single male voice. Yes, a male. A single guy in the role of all three girls, talking about calling the boys and masturbating.

This is exactly how foreign movies soundtracks are dubbed in Russia. They either record the Russian voice on top of the foreign language without erasing it, or they erase the foreign voice and just use the Russian voice.

But always a single male voice talking in place of all actors. Male or female. Angry, laughing or crying. Children, adults or seniors. 2 or 200 actors. It does not matter. It is always the same monotonous male voice talking for them all. I can't understand what they say but the absurd of it always made me laugh.

And here, we get the same treatment, but in reverse and as usual, they did not erase completely the Russian voices in the background.

So, the English soundtrack is the monotonous male voice talking in the role of everybody, with the Russian voices behind.

One exception. The girls still do the moaning. I think.

I can only hope you find it as hilarious as I do.

The girls are good. The sex is good.

They do not talk much.

Who cares about soundtracks.

In the end, 12 minutes with the Making of Soccer fans. Always in the agreable company of the same Russian male voice. The fun goes all the way till the end.

1.15 Gb / 02:22:04 / 688x432 / MKV (AVC H.264 + AC3 dual audio)

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