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DORUS is a semi-interactive visual novel containing
three unique short stories.
SIZE: 6 Mb

Seieki Henshu Soft - TaroTaro Sauce

You would have had such experiences, that after get a
CG collection you are disappointed of the quality and
finds yourself saying, "can't go with! I need
some white stuff on it!" Here is the good news for ya!!
You can take any images you like into this software and
put "sperm" on it! Countless variations by mixing fixed
and optional sperm images. Edited image can be saved!
Give another life to old CG pictures that you fed up by
using this software!!
Supporting plug-in / More basic patterns featured /
Bundled with "Cock" plug-in!!
SIZE: 5 Mb

Knock out

Knock Out is a battle mahjong game.

Train yourself through matches with your masters, and
settle victory or defeat with the girls.

When you're in a pinch, your masters will become SD
(super-deformed) characters and give you a hand!

With catchy music and the great tempo of mahjong, this game
is perfect for relaxing, and St. Germain and Saru-san's
pictures are too erotic to miss!!

Comes with 4-player mode!
SIZE: 20 Mb

Immoral empire

Tentacle game
SIZE: 298 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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