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Dogging diaries 3

Year: 2006
Run time: 01:42:10

Director: RobStone production

Stars: Jayne, Lymara, Janica, Kiera, Angel Long, Jayce, Jay, Neil, Marcus London, leon

Dogging Diaries 3 follows Liverpool lass Jayne as she visits and joins in at dogging venues. She has moved to London to see what the big city can offer and finds famous stars such as Angel, Kiera and Belgian girl Janca, as well as the new girl Lymara, all involved in the dogging scene.

Monday. During a photo shoot Jayne tries and fails to get off with Lymara the make-up girl, so sets off to the stairwell to wank, "clean" herself and piss through the banisters. Returning she fills Lymara with wine which does the trick. Jayne plays with and licks her new friend's pierced nipples before fingering and sucking her pussy. On the floor Jayne pulls Lymara's face hard up between her legs and gets her to lick, grabbing the closest things to hand - the make-up brushes - which she then stuffs in her pussy and arse. The pair 69 on the floor then Jane climbs some steps so Lymara can lick her bum. The scene ends with a rampant rabbit being used to give Jayne an orgasm.

Tuesday. Entering a derelict building Jayne finds Kiera on the floor with a cock firmly impaled up her arse and a number of people in the gloom with torches. With Kiera bouncing up and down Jayne pulls on her hair, screaming at the guy to hammer her arse harder. The pounding continues as Kiera is pile drived. She then stands with one leg in the air as her bum gets banged. Eventually the guy fills Kiera's mouth with cream, Jayne using a straw to suck it out.

Wednesday. In thigh-high black boots and a short white dress Jayne is off to a well-known dogging wood. In a clearing she spots Janca giving a blow job and goes closer to investigate. With her arms wrapped round a tree Janca has her pussy filled from behind as Jayne watches. After a quick lick clean it's back in the pussy as Jayne removes her coat. Janca is then lead to an air bed for more pussy and anal action. Once the taste of her arse has been licked from his dick the guy fires his load into Janca's mouth. Turning she drops the load of saliva and spunk over Jayne's lips.

Thursday. In a sequined black evening dress Jayne enters a graffiti covered "minging" building that looks like the world's worst public toilet. A strange guy enters and Jayne takes him straight into her mouth as he strips her out of her dress. After licking her tits he drops to the floor to suck and finger fuck her pussy. With a cry of "Mash Me Pussy" Jayne rides the cock hard then turns to have it hammered into her hole. Attention then moves to her arse which is stretched open for some serious bonking. The guy pulls out and shoots his sperm into Jayne's gaping bum hole. Using her fingers she retrieves as much as possible, dripping it into her mouth.

Friday is the big day. Jayne appears on a London roof top with Angel-Long and a gang of blokes. After a slow sexy strip the girls choose two dicks to suck. Neither have any problem taking the cocks deep down their throats. Bending over and kissing each other the girls are taken from behind. A little more cock sucking and Angel slips a dick into her backside. Angel wants her pussy filled too. This just leaves Jayne with a bottle of lager (7 Up may have been better!!). With Angel taking two cocks Jayne has to satisfy her self with the occasional dick suck or pussy lick. With her tongue sticking out Angel catches both loads in her mouth and shares them with Jayne.

This is definitely not a studio based film and the girls deserve danger money for shagging in some of the grotty shit holes Rob Stone takes them to. Still this adds to the authentic edge the film has. As for the girls, the established stars (Angel, Janca and Kiera) put in very good performances, but it's hats of to Lymara and especially Jayne - in their first feature they were brilliant. Let's hope we see more of them.

Как и в первой части серии "Dogging diaries" в этой части речь пойдет о времяпровождении порно актрисы. Только теперь о Jayne, она молода и красива,но главная ее отличительная черта - это безумная страсть к разврату или говоря другими словами она очень любит потрахаться и присутствие камеры только возбуждает ее.... Вы увидите с какой неистовой страстью она предается занятию сексом,место и время для нее не важно,как впрочем мальчик или девочка,если желание застало ее в подворотне или в спортзале,это не вопрос,если мальчиков пять или шесть и это не является для нее проблемой, она удовлетворит всех и вся, такая вот ненасытная бестия!!! Она получит удовольствие и кайфует от того чем ей приходится заниматься по роду своей деятельности,она готова трахнуть любого стоящего у нее на пути,будь то гример и шайка-лейка каких нибудь парней,это именно тот случай когда получается совмещать полезное с приятным!!!

Видео: XViD 512x384 25.00
Аудио: MPEG Audio 48000Hz 136kb/s


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