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“DEGENERATION” is the name of a training simulation
game (SLG), revived to tell the story of Aoi, who by
some chance becomes your pet, and spends 45 days with you.
Will she be the “Virgin, and master of services”, or
“Virgin who allows her asshole to be exploited in every
way possible”, or “Virgin who allows her whole body to
be assaulted, but is still new to the penis”… It is up
to you to decide which path Aoi takes!
SIZE: 225 Mb

Femdom Vampire

* In a basement in a house somewhere, a creature to which
humans are food awakens from its century-long slumber.
A boy who has a streak for masochism is lured to the house
where the monster waits to be fed.

* Masochistic scenes without a sudden turnaround.
It's a female vampire rape adventure!

* Fully voiced scenes!
You can listen to a sample on the website given below.

* Features such activities as sitting on the other person's
face and stimulation by feet.
SIZE: 112 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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