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Real Ex Girlfriends > Nadia Aria > Nadia washes of her filth.
I was dating this Slovakian bitch with a super hot body. To bad the fucking slut cheated on me with some douche. All she wanted was to marry and get her fucking green card. Now I'm submitting this video in hopes it reaches someone she knows. God I miss fucking her sweet juicy cunt. Fucking bitch....


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Real Ex Girlfriends > Lily L. > Lily should have kept the tape.
My boy just broke up with his high school sweet heart. Apparently she turned into a money grubbin' twat and charged up a bunch of shit on his credit including his b-day present! So when he couldn't pay his bills she ran off with some rich dude! So now we're taking revenge on this hot money slut by releasing their sex tape! Damn she


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Real Ex Girlfriends > Micah Moore > Michah's After Shower Man Cream Lotion!
A buddy of mine was so heart broken after he found a tape of his girl getting fucked by some douche in her dresser. Apparently this two timing hot slut was bangin more than one dude! I told him I would get some revenge for him and submit the tape online, after I rub one off to his fine ass ex! ...


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Real Ex Girlfriends > Addison Cain > Sport Fan Slut
Blondes are fucking awesome when they like sports and look fucking hot in anything. This petite and tight as hell college freshman slut is all about sports, fucking and being way dirty with her ex best friends cock....


327.14MB - 40:09mins

Real Ex Girlfriends > Tessa > Barely Legal Summer Fun
Just out of high school this adorable slut thought it would be fun to fuck her best friend's boyfriend and let him record it. That does sound like fun, especially when your best friend finds the tape and exposes your hot 18 year old slutty ways......


259.04MB - 31:49mins
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