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Default Re: [RS] Classic Porn Scenes

Ultimate Lover (1986)

Video: Vidco Entertainment
Director: Thomas Paine
Language: English
Source: DVD Rip

Video: WMV 9 512x384 30.00fps 1008kbps
Audio: WMA 22050Hz stereo 20kbps
Duration: 01:31:06 mins, Size: 672.60 MB

Alexis Greco [BJOnly]
Amber Lynn
Jessica Wylde
Kimi Gee (as Kimi G.)
Nikki Randall
Nina Hartley
Rachel Ashley [Clip]
Robin Cannes
Tracey Adams

Eric Edwards
Harry Reems [Clip]
Hershel Savage
Jon Martin [BJOnly]
Mike Horner
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy


Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams
Scene 5. Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams
Scene 6. Alexis Greco, Jon Martin
Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Kimi Gee, Eric Edwards
Scene 9. Nina Hartley, Eric Edwards
Scene 10. Tracey Adams, Eric Edwards
Scene 12. Robin Cannes, Eric Edwards
Scene 13. Jessica Wylde, Nikki Randall, Eric Edwards
Scene 14. Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Harry Reems
Scene 15. Amber Lynn, Eric Edwards

Two sexually frustrated female scientists (Tracey and Nina) create the perfect lover in their lab. He turns out to be an insatiable robot, who goes out in the streets looking for the perfect female.


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[RS] Classic Porn Scenes

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