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Critical Bad End

The town is destructed by the invasion of Despire and
people are in an abyss of despair.
There is a last hope, Angels, who fight against the force.
But Angels lose one by one and are violated.
What awaits them is the bad end without recovery.

CG image collection with short stories featuring Magical
Angel Misuki.
Bad ending collection with 15 CG images (121 including
SIZE: 96 Mb


This is a roll-playing game about the journey of a girl
named Mai who has lost her country in the time of war. It
features more than 200 kinds of enemy characters, about 180
of items and weapons, different ability for each character
and weapon repairing system.
The background varies such as vast field, dungeon, opera hall,
ghost mansion and war field.
Various humiliating events await girls who struggle to survive
in the war.

What is Mai's destiny of reincarnation? What is the culture of
the machine which is discovered after 400 years?
In the world of the dawn, the story of girls whose home is
SIZE: 78 Mb

Pregnancy and the Princess Knight ~Womb Conquest Project~

Carlo, an alchemist in the Mario Kingdom, is a capable man with
great things expected of him.

However, when he is persecuted by the Princess Knight Alessandra
for creating a creature of taboo, the Genome, he is run out of
the country.

Several years later...

Thanks to the work of Alessandra's little sister Laura, he has
a chance encounter with Alessandra. His plan is to use the
princess knight as a nursery for his Genome and have her bear their children...

* This game includes many graphic images of pregnancy and birth.

We recommend that those who are squeamish refrain from purchasing!

- 100% Tentacle Rape CG! Includes absolutely no sex with humans!
Many different kinds of many different types of tentacles invade our heroine's body!

- No matter how she is violated, our heroine never loses her
high-class charms, and has her womb filled to the brim with
tentacle monster semen!

- Various characters such as our heroine's little sister and a
young girl homunculus add to her training!

- All endings are birth scenes! Depending on your choices, the
species of larvae born will vary and change.

- Female characters are all fully voiced! Our uncut and naughty
dialogue will have you hot and hard in minutes!

- Voice Cast
SIZE: 212 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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