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Default Kl-004 Girls Of The Warm Summer (2005)

Kl-004 Girls Of The Warm Summer (2005) HD

KL-004 Девочки тёплого лета

Filename: Kl-004 Girls Of The Warm Summer.avi

Total run time: 2h00

Resolution: 720 x 576

Director: Sergei Loginov (Сергей Логинов)

First video from Strawberries (Клубничка) in this thread.

A high resolution video, converted directly from original VOB file keeping DVD resolution. Clicking the thumbnails brings full size video snapshots.

Below, Google's translation of Klubnichka web site video description, virtually unchanged. I find Strawberries (Клубничка) poetic texts, almost as irresistibly refreshing to my mind, as their videos are to our eyes.

Due to numerous requests of the audience! Summer posing: the beauty and romance.

No sex - only sweet femininity! Crystallize innocent femininity and playfulness. Flirtation and fetish. Short skirts and wet pussy. Summer dress and black stockings. Confusion girlhood and aesthetics of the image.

Sounds of summer buzz and heartfelt sighs of gentle feelings.

Languid outcrops and gentle swimming. Solar ass and forest pussy (?) (междуножья).

The singing of the nightingales and the cries of gulls.

The beauty of nature in central Russia.

The film stars 10 girls.

At the end presentation of the film "Drunk Girls" (featuring some of the film's stars).
Did I get it right? The thumbnails say that it is probably correct.

No way to get a translation for междуножья, but I could find it in many Russian texts. These are two words together, между and ножья. Между means between, ножья once again no way to find what it is.

However, when both words are together, междуножья is often used with the meaning of that area between the legs. Right at the top!!!

When referring to women, in English it is called... "pussy". If a Russian speaker reads this post and has a better suggestion, please post it.

Full Preview

1.76 Gb / 2:00:33 / 720x576 / MKV (1H54 main video + 7 min trailer for Drunk Girls)

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