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Ailing Lust~Training Chart~

When the hospital director dies suddenly in an accident,
a new director is appointed to the position. The new
director sets out a new hospital management policy of
giving more priority to money over patients.
Chizuru and her friends vehemently protest against this,
directly appealing over and over again to the reconsideration
of the policy, only to be turned down.
And the director, sick of the appeals coming time and time
again, hands down an order to the pharmacist, Taeko.

A short visual novel featuring a female doctor being trained
in confinement.
No plot-branching involved.
Total of around 150 CG images, including bonus images.
SIZE: 66 Mb

Wife Swapping Game

Two young wives play a "king says" game and end up being
swapped out for each other.

Okuda Hiroyuki and Shimamoto Shohei have been close friends
ever since high school.
One day, Shohei asks Hiroyuki how he feels about swapping his
wife for Shohei's own.
Hiroyuki refuses at first, but Shohei's wife Kumi manages to
get him interested after all.
However, Hiroyuki's wife Utana is diligent and proper, and she
does not care about the idea at all.
Because Hiroyuki knows she is weak to alcohol, he drives her
drunk and plays a king says game with her, gradually heightening
the erotic atmosphere...

The game is fairly short, but including the bad end there are 7
different endings.
You should try to get all 7 of them.
SIZE: 191 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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