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Bio parasite

A maritime market in a certain perfecture on a solitary
island not on any map.
The main character, Jun Hayami, headed for that island
along with her colleagues.
Their objective was to go to a facility on the island
where certain research was carried out, and find out the
cause for the gunfire alarm that had activated there.
It was probably just an incorrect report...
Such expectations were quickly trampled, as they arrived
on the spot of a veritable outbreak.
The virus under research at the facility had run rampant
and possessed the bodies of the researchers and their
associates, turning them into grotesque monsters!
SIZE: 247 Mb

Hakuin Tenshi

A young boy meets a kind, beautiful angel on the street.
Just because he wants to be with her, he goes to the demon's
place for how to keep the angel on the earth.
Rape the angel......this is what the demon tells him to make
her stay on the earth......
SIZE: 199 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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