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Dungeon tentacles

A magical land floating in the air.
Inside the pyramid, there's a girl who asks for help.
The player hears her voice and is lead to the maze in the

Hina's ghost appears and disappears.
Nasty monsters attack the player.
While you are searching in the maze, Hina gets assaults from
the tentacle constantly.

*Smooth animation created with After Effects.
*Loop animation review mode is included.
*Female character is fully voiced.
*Sound effects and music to enliven the situation.
*This is an adventure game in the dungeon style.
*Map and stage chapter are available.
SIZE: 204 Mb

Fully-Animated Touching Game - Touching Boin Mika Edition

Use the mouse to touch her! Grope her! Undress her!
Apple mint presents its 3rd volume of touching game with full
Mika from the popular title "Resort Boin" is featured!
You can tease the cute girl as much as you want!

* Character is designed by Happou Bijin and the scenario is by
Sekimachi Taifu!
* The heroine is fully voiced by Kaibara Elena!
* Animation is by Murayama Kohsuke which specializes in the
bouncing breasts!

Daisuke watches Mika surfing, always from the beach.
She becomes his girlfriend and one day, a little cantrip gets
SIZE: 82 Mb

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