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Black Shrine Maiden

Awesome hentai adventure game of a brave shrine maiden who
is also a great sabreur! Yagami Ran is a beautiful shrine
maiden serving his master (you), one of legendary ogres of
the realm of monsters. But she was only acting, her true
purpose is to him!! But the ogre senses it before she getting
off the ground, and entraps her to hell of sex slavery. Can
you render her a "black" shrine maiden!?
Nipple fondling, sex before her classmates, gangbang, cum drinking, tentacle......
Intense sex actions are described with over 100
CG pictures! (incl alternates).
SIZE: 152 Mb

Hypnotized Girl

A totally unrealistic hardcore sex story that takes place in
the real world. Your future is in your hands!!!

- Abduct the heroine during hypnosis!!
The heroine Eriri is a smart class president (tsundere), and
madly in love with her boyfriend. She went to second base with
him, and have a plan for a hot spring trip. She will definitely
have her first sex on the night!!!!!
No matter what it takes, I need to take her back!!!!
A wide range of sexual situations and exciting elaborate plot!
This work was written by the legendary artist Sakai Warato, and
over 130 of hypnotic & horny images were produced by Nobutoshi who
is the graphicer of "that" anime.
SIZE: 231 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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