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Default SP-2010 Ivan Kupala (2008)

SP-2010 Ivan Kupala (2008)

Иван Купала (2008)

Producer: Nestor Petrovich (Нестор Петрович)

Studio: Foresthill Trading

Released: 2008

What is Ivan Kupala (Иван Купала)?

It is just the celebration of St. John the Baptist that in Western countries takes place June 24 and in Russia is celebrated July 7 due to the 13 day difference between the Julian (old) and Gregorian (new) calendars.

This celebration dedicated to St Jean, is nothing more than a more or less failed attempt by Christianity to eliminate the widespread debauchery of the pagan celebrations that, for Thousands of years, marked the Summer Solstice among European peoples.

Under the thin religious varnish brought by Christianity, the Summer Solstice is still a day and particularly a night of many excesses almost everywhere.

In Russia as in my own country, in the extreme S. Western tip of Europe, as far from Russia as it can possible be in Europe, the night of St Jean still is the night of all Summer excesses. Two countries so far away from each other united in the preservation of venerable traditions to celebrate the arrival of Summer.

No wonder that in many places there is a measurable increase of births by the end of March. 9 months after the supposedly tame St Jean celebrations.

I can only applaud SPb decision to bring us the celebrations of Ivan Kupala in their original purity.

Or if you prefer in their never forgotten debauchery.

I love the idea of preserving such old traditions. And I love the idea of celebrating the Summer Solstice in the middle of Winter.

Summer days are long. So it is this video celebrating Ivan Kupala.

Be ready 2H35 of constant celebrations, plus an additional 25 min of the "Making of Ivan Kupala".

1.8 Gb / 03:00:30 / 720x400 / MKV (AVC H.264 + AC3)

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