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Default SP-0855 Viy (2002)

SP-0855 Viy (2002)

Вий (2002)

Filename: SP-0855 Viy.mp4

Total run time: 1h58

Resolution: 720 x 576

SPb version of Viy is loosely based on the novel with the same name written by Nicolai Gogol in the XIX century.

Gogol got his inspiration from a traditional character of the Ukrainian demonology. Viy is a demon that takes the form of a terrible old man. With his huge eyes and heavy eyelids, Viy can see nothing by himself. But if you can raise his eyebrows and eyelids, then nothing can hide from his terrible eyes. With his regard alone Viy can kill people, destroy towns and villages turning them to ashes.

Three seminarians are heading back to their homes on vacation and they stop in a hut in wilderness. They are allowed to stay on one condition, they will get bed on night in exchange for sex with an old woman-housekeeper, who is in fact a witch.

They agree, because it seems a joke. But inside the hut the witch changes her appearance, and becomes a young girl. She calls for aid of her so-called granddaughter, and then fun begins.

In the middle of sex scene main character Khoma kills the witch with a log in order to avoid her spell on him and all three escape.

On the road two friends of Khoma are attracted by three river nymphs, and he loses them. He continues on his own, and stumbles upon a house in a small village.

Unfortunately, this house belongs to the father of the killed witch. In a dream, she told him, that Khoma has to serve requiem mass for her during three nights. He reluctantly agrees.

During the first night the witch raises from coffin, but Khoma is saved by housewife and her son-in-law. The second time he is saved by two witch's sisters. But on third time he cannot escape.

The young witch calls evil spirits, and then orgy begins. But she is not satisfied with revenge, and she calls Viy, who breaks circle of defence, and Khoma is sexually abused before being shamefully exiled.

1.32 Gb / 01:58:27 / 720x576 / MP4

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