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Groping Huge Tits Train~Our Courage・Pervert City~

We set the stage for this title in the midst of a crowded train.
Corrupt yourself thoroughly with this exploration into the
techniques of “groping”, with a huge breasted, beautiful young
girl as our protagonist!
“Excitement guaranteed! Genuine pervert train simulation, ADV”

* “Master of Big Tits”, Gegera Toshikazu assigned to do
Illustrations *
Top creator and artist of the best and finest huge breasted women,
Gegera Toshikazu. The heroine he draws is a beautiful woman far
beyond the reaches of imagination, a dazzling young woman, and
owner of the “Miraculous Big Tits”!
This stunning and magnificent young girl and her huge breasts will
be loved by all!

* Investigating the Art of Groping *
Just as the title suggests, groping occurs “only in trains”.
A feast of shame and exploitation of the senses takes place
repeatedly in the middle of a crowded train!
Again and again the perverted groping techniques specialize on
huge boobs.
Grand master of the assault scene genre, “Hayasaka Utane” was in
charge of supervising the scenarios, and you can really see his
skill come into play!

* Female Characters Fully Voiced *
Popular voice actress “Kashiwagi Haruno” lends her reverberating, fascinatingly sexy voice to this title, guaranteed to stimulate
erotic feelings in both your heart and your groin!!
SIZE: 145 Mb

Datsu buro !act4

SIZE: 94 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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