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Flash-Flesh: On the Job

Now with more options and easier navigation!
The boss is a 33 year old divorcee without children. Her
biological clock is ticking loudly, so she asks you to stay
behind one evening after work to offer you a special assignment.

The assignment is to try to knock her up, of course!
This woman likes to be in charge so she first of all wants
you to eat her yummy pussy, getting her juices flowing in
preparation for entry.
Then she sits on top of your cock and rides you. When she wants
you to come in her, she reaches behind and grabs your balls with
her sharp, red fingernails, squeezing hard!
SIZE: 38 Mb

Bullet rose

A long story featuring a pretty girl and the magical stone
called Zappacitelite.

Fantasy adventure for Win
In full color and playable in full screen
30 chapters
Total 44 kinds of magical skills are available
32 types of protective stone help the battle
Voice-acted characters.
Various setting

Adventure fantasy work featuring girl and magic
Scrolling battle system
Erotic scenes ar eall animated at 30 fps.
Special bonus for collecting all scenarios or magic spells.
SIZE: 264 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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