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Molester Game

Mihoko Sawatari ended up being the new violation target for
Yuuichi Sakurai, the serial molester.
However, having done this so many times, he starts out slow,
and as time goes on their relationship changes...

Inside the train, you can use the mouse to click on the heroine
and use the touch and play system to provoke various responses
from her.
At home, you can turn the vibrator fitted on the heroine on/off
at your leisure.
A fully animated adventure game where YOU are tasked with
playing the minigames that make her body respond!

These events will unfold on the morning train, at home, and
on the late night train:
Masturbation, handjobs, sumata, fellatio, breast massage,
footjob, inside ejaculation, anal and other various kinds of play!
The female characters are fully voiced and moaned, and the
erotic scenes are fully animated!
SIZE: 193 Mb

Flash-Flesh: Naughty Nurse

A totally interactive flash game!
Now with more options, more frames of animation and easier
You’re been in the hospital for a long stay. During this time,
you’re developed a close friendship with your nurse, a beautiful,
big-titted blonde girl.
She’s confided in you that her boyfriend is a jerk who doesn’t
want to have children. The nurse is tired of fucking with a
condom and diaphragm, or birth control of ANY kind!
She wants to live a little and have sex without barriers! After
she’s seen your dick, she thinks you’re the right guy for the task.
On your last day in the hospital, she comes on to you and invites
you to remove her diaphragm before having round after round of hot
sex with her.
SIZE: 50 Mb

Flash-Flesh:Teacher’s Pet

Now with easier navigation, more options and more animation frames!
Your college biology teacher is one hot babe...

But she only has sex with smart men because they have the strongest,
best, sperm available.
You’re gotten straight A’s in her class, the toughest classes on campus. She’s fallen madly in love with you, and being a lonely single woman, desires to have you fill her womb with your semen.
First, she sucks it out of your balls with her mouth, then allows
you to do her from both the missionary position and rear
entry positions.
SIZE: 56 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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