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Say if it's good or bad! ACT.2

All animations were hand drawn and the total playing time
exceeds 40 minutes.
This is the "Pink Movie Theater" the third release!

The fight between a tsundere black wizard and a timid white
wizard. The winner proves to be the most attractive girl!
A beautiful red wizard joins up and the competition becomes
a scramble!!

* Over 1500 frames of animation!
* Over 40 minutes worth of erotic playback!
* The female character is fully voiced by Rio Takasaka and
Maria Ayana.
* Each female character has more than 2 fight patterns!
* A large number of usable finishing scenes! A single click
to ejaculate!
* Replay your favorite scenes with a single click.
* Well-written scenario to invite you to the "sage time"
* Includes a BGM on/off function.
SIZE: 470 Mb


This is a Ragnarok Online mini adventure game featuring main
scenarios involving bestiality with dog, horse and monsters.
Girls who are defeated in battle succumb to every kind of
violation from monsters.
SIZE: 104 Mb

Youki Marianne

SIZE: 234 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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