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Default Re: [RS][HF] 2009/2008 xxx new collection updated always

Amateur Girl Eden - 1280 x 720 wmv

This shoot should be titled "Lucky Friday" - Eden is unpredictable and eager. She walks into the shop and asks if she could try double penetration with a machine. Um, yes. And then we ask her if she wants to be the first Amateur Girl Friday to do the autozipper machine. She agrees much in the same way you agree to eat something foreign - excitedly accept, start to chew and then wonder what the hell is going to happen when you swallow! Eden didn't even know that clothes pins could go on flesh and once she gets them on her breasts and stomach she works Pandora's Box into her pussy for a deep fucking. Right as she's about to cum, you guessed it, she hits the button on the Autozipper and experiences the ultimate sexual rush as the pins are jerked from her body in less than 3 seconds.

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Amateur Girl Charolette - 1280 x 720 wmv

Charolette is a friend of Eadie Sexwick - another Amateur Girl Friday who had her porn cherry popped here on
Charolette is so nervous and excited she can barely sit still but once her clothes come off and her tight, smoking hot body is revealed ,it's game on! We challenge Charolette to cum three times - which would be a LIFE record for her - does it happen? Watch this beautiful first-timer and find out!

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Kenley - 1280 x 720 wmv

Kenley is a good friend of Dia Zerva. So when Dia found out we would be in Las Vegas, she graciously offered up her home and Kenley!
Kenley has the best set of natural, soft, round tits to grace this site in a long while. They roll in almost circles with the pounding of the machines. If you only watch one scene - check out the Trespasser machine - it gives Kenley such a deep g-spot orgasm she is speechless by the end. And for those of you that have been asking for ass shots on the sybian - Kenley's beautiful round cheeks are on display with the Sybian and the Drilldo working her pussy.

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Marie McCray - 1280 x 720 wmv

Marie is fresh faced red head with the most perfect milky skin and natural lovely tits. It takes her a while to warm up to the machines, she's hesitant and shy at first but her orgasms are worth waiting for. By scene three she literally explodes on The Little Guy and has multiple orgasms ending in a juicy squirting finish. You can hear your wet pussy sloshing with the dildo.

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Amateur Girl Mason - 1280 x 720 wmv

Mason made her very first porn on Today she returns for a full shoot with five machines. She still prefers to get nailed in the ass so there is plenty of anal in this shoot. And Mason tries the TwinInserter for an intense double penetration orgasm. She's hot, fun and knows how she likes to fuck so enjoy this smoking blond as she takes on the machines.

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Amateur Girl Scarlett Faux - 1280 x 720 wmv

Scarlett is flexible, kinky, and eager to explore her exhibitionist side by getting naked and fucking for the camera. She likes a challenge so we warm her up in a standing splits position with the Crystal Palace and then lay her down for a good pounding. She does cum fast and sadly tires out early but that is the beauty of the amateur shoots - you just never know who is going to fuck like a wild woman and who is going to need a nap!

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Sindee Jennings - 1280 x 720 wmv

You may remember Sindee from the Squirt Off Olympics where she hosed Flower Tucci and Via with her squirting pussy. She went on to claim that she didn't get fucked hard enough and well, that made it personal! Sindee is back and ready for two challenges - fast machines and huge cock. Coincidentally, she hasn't had sex in a week, and is chomping at the bit to get fucked. She starts getting wet in the interview and nearly drools when she sees the HUGE black dick she will be taking. She cums a river of squirt all over the machines, the set and the crew. Sindee is a rear horny treat as she challenges her pussy to take big dicks and even tries anal which has her squirting all over her stomach. Try and keep up with this hot girl's orgasms!

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Brooke Belle - 1280 x 720 wmv

In this fantasy update, voluptuous bomb shell, Brooke Belle, is strapped to the exam table and probed will all kinds of steel and suction. Her nipples are sucked tightly into cylinders, then her huge tits are sucked into large cups providing double suction sensation while she fucks a clear vibrating dildo. Brooke's insatiable appetite for orgasms quickly proves a match for the machines as she fucks like an Olympian, asking for more and squirming in her bondage. Her perfect ass bounces wildly as the robot fucks her pussy. She even spreads wide in a beautiful arch and takes it in the ass by the Annihilator. Don't miss this smoking hot blond as she gets pounded my machines in this ominous examination room.

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Amateur Girl Claudia LeNoir - 1280 x 720 wmv

Claudia has deep desires for bondage and fetish play so she applied to fuckingmachines as the gateway kink. She's never fucked for the camera before and after two scenes it's clear that she's ready to do more. Unlike most amateur girls, Claudia doesn't tire out so her amateur shoot changes into a full shoot with more new things for Claudia to try including nipple clamps and bondage. So enjoy the first two scenes and stay tuned for her full shoot that will soon by up on the site.

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Amateur Girl Ashley Jane - 1280 x 720 wmv

Well she may have been an amateur when we shot her, but this smoking hot southern girl is sure to be a porn star! Ashley Jane is a southern peach with a penchant for ass fucking and being naughty. She is only 21 but knows herself and how she likes to fuck so well that you would like we were debuting a MILF! Enjoy this perfect tight girl as she does anal AND double penetration. See Ashley Jane here first and watch this babe rise to porn stardom!

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Cadence Cohstly - 1280 x 720 wmv

Cadence applied for Amateur Girl Fridays but it was clear this hot girl needed more than an introduction to the porn world. Cadence is unapologetically hot, horny and ready for anything new. She fucks the Chopper and even denies herself an orgasm as she doesn't want the ride to end. She confesses that she would marry the first person who gave her a g-spot, soaking wet orgasm.... well, looks like the Mini Mite is no longer a bachelor. Her juicy pussy squirts for the first time in a hot grand finale orgasm and Cadence is in love.

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[RS][HF] 2009/2008 xxx new collection updated always

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