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Default Re: Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!


0200clip_1025 An excellent pose for the vagina whipping. It??™s so convenient to whip her pubis, her clitoris, and her cuntal lips. Sometimes the lash might get into her vagina for a second. That??™s when my slave girl goes wild and crazy because her emotions are overwhelming her body. She did nothing to deserve this execution
I just did this for fun. And as a reward for my slave girl, I loaded her anus with some rubber balls.


Downloading 0200clip_1025_full.wmv | 39.8Mb


0201clip_1024 I just love to fuck the girls in the ass. They are twitching so wildly in the beginning when doing their best to prevent your entrance into their tight anus. And after some frictions they are ready to continue until they have their asses rubbed off till they bleed.


Downloading 0201clip_1024_full.wmv | 28.1Mb
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Lezdom Dungeon! Russian Mistress! Rape Torture Humiliated! (Update Daily)!!!

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