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How about implementing a rule where users cannot just blatantly take someone's shared videos and re-share the same vid via the same hoster?

There are 2 yahoos in the vintage section that are taking my shares and reposting on Oron. I purchased, ripped and re-encoded many of these...many hours of hard work involved. And these leetches just belly up to the bar, grab my stuff, and then, incredibly, reshare these vids on Oron (my only hoster link).

I would have NO issues if they at least had the courtesy to not share on oron....use ALL other hosters, I don't have an issue. But on the same hoster as the original sharer? undercutting and complete lack of courtesy.

I am no longer sharing any material here until some kind of semblance of respect is instilled. Sorry but sheesh, this seems basic to me......
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General rules!

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