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SENGOKU Beauties

Have your way with women in a country torn apart by
civil war!

Masamune is traveling across the country to devour the
beautiful Sengoku women...

The women he consumes include cold and distant girls, sexy
dynamite ninja girls, women who are as bright as they are
good-looking, dark, negative thinking girls, demon girls
and more.

And what will be the dish at the end of his journey...?

Features a gorgeous hand-drawn animated ending!
SIZE: 71 Mb

Saki Mah Jong

* Strip mahjong!
A fully-voiced strip mahjong featuring 4 characters from Saki.
Event images presents hardcore erotic scenes and counts more
than 50 variations!
Help functions are available for beginners!
Just like in any commercial mahjong software, you can adjust
the standard rules for the mahjong.

To train themselves for the national competition in summer,
members of the Mahjong club decided to lodge together in the
However, Kyot*ro who joins as the substitute player is too weak
and the match begins to lack the tension.
To break the situation, the leader proposed a strip mahjong!
Normally his skill falls far behind other members, but with the
erotic power awaken, Kyot*ro may have a chance?!

Rewarding CG images
While this is a strip mahjong game, there are other radical scenes available as well, so please look forward to them!
Winning at mahjong will treat your to scenes (there are 3 erotic
scenes for each girl available).
The female characters are of course fully voiced, their lines are
fully uncensored for maximum pleasure!
SIZE: 75 Mb

Mai in the cage

A mysterious girl is found deep in the evil cavern under the
A biology teacher, who obeys to the monster clan tries to make a
contact with her with tentacles.

Repeated actions of cumshots, breast sex and bukkake.
The girl feels ecstasy while wetting her pants...
Her clothes is dirtied with white cream and there's slimy liquid
of the tentacle on her soft skin.

And the secret of the girl and the key becomes clear.

This is the tentacle variation of "MADE IN MAI LOVE."

*Smooth animation created with AfterEffects!
*Looping animation with voice. Click to proceed to the next one.
Animation has 18 minutes.
*Non-stop hand free play mode is available.
*Female character is fully voiced.
*Sound effects and music to enliven the situation.
*Some contents in this animation are already in "MADE IN MAI LOVE"
as well
SIZE: 240 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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