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Defeated Girl X

In the world of game, the loser must see the hell...

Forced to suck the cock...
Inserted brutally...

Total humiliation, that is what it is to be in the world
of game.

This is a flash movie collection based on the theme
described as above.
SIZE: 20 Mb

Monster Baby - The nightmare of the monster busters

A mother and daughter whose job is monster buster ends up
gang humiliated by monsters! To impregnate them babies of
the monsters, a large tentacle bigger than an arm of the
young girl, torn into her tight slit. "Ikei no Mono" gang
rape the mom's rich, heavenly body, the two are forced to
have "futanari' lesbian sex...... It is a nightmare....

- You are here to be a monster, taking over bodies of
middle-aged man, boy, or bishoujo, make advances to them,
and violate with tentacles in many kinds of situations.
- Hardcore actions featured: tentacle sex, gang rape,
futanari/lesbian sex, and give a birth to monster baby, etc.
- Ful-screen animation descrives tenacle's moves fully.
- We had an artist Mr Zundarepon for the illustrations, who
is known for his work in Hitozuma Kyonyu Kyoushi, and for
Mr. Kasuga Mori and Hayami Ren, for the plot.
- The quality voice-over is provided by great voice actresses.
SIZE: 166 Mb

Beautiful Girl Violation Fight FINAL

This is a 2D fighting game in which the player assaults a
beautiful woman.
This is the final volume and you can choose from six
characters as the player. The game can be played with a
game controller.
The player can choose to fight for justice as the female
character, or to thoroughly sexually abuse her, or even to
tie her up and take his sweet time with her.

* Realistic and smooth animated movements in 3D
* A wide range of combos
* Brutal attacks that live up the game's claim of being a
girl assaulting game
* A variety of hit animations when attacks connect
(more than 6000 graphics)
* 6 characters are featured and each has about 40 attacking
* You can violate the defeated character. The male character
can rape another man.
*Bonus: a battle of 5 persons versus 1 and a torture movie
of 1 minute
SIZE: 312 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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