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How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney

How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney

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Default How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney

The most easy way to buy premium account is by using Webmoney.
Only what you need to have a:
- Paypal account
- Webmoney account
- Exchanger account (Company that mediates money transfer between paypal and webmoney)

What is Webmoney

WebMoney is an electronic currency system operated by WM Transfer Ltd. There are several e-currencies circulating in this system, with the most popular being - WMZ (equals to $1 U.S.), WME (equals 1 euro) and WMR (equals 1 Russian ruble).

WebMoney utilizes several methods for their customers to access system accounts - WebMoney Keeper Classic (the most secure and fully functional access with highly sophisticated software), WebMoney Keeper Lite (less secure, but still protected access - via Internet browser). Other methods are available but are rarely used. WebMoney can boast more than 100 million dollars daily turnaround funds and millions customers around the world. Though, WebMoney started as a Russian payment system, it is now became an internationally popular e-currency system with a large number of representatives in all over the world and the developed deposit/withdrawal system.

WebMoney is a highly secure on-line payment system, offering security through the special protected key-files - even if your password is hacked your funds are still secure. While generic WebMoney accounts are anonymous, money withdrawal transaction involve personal identification. These ways make WebMoney far more secure than Liberty Reserve, PayPal or any other on-line payment system.

Register with WebMoney

1. Open your Internet browser and go to, the WebMoney homepage. Click the "Sign Up Now" button.

2. Click the "Choose" button next to either the WebMoney Keeper "Mini," "Classic" or "Light" application. The WebMoney Keeper Mini can be run from your Internet browser to transfer money, has monthly and daily transaction limits and is recommended for first-time users. The Keeper Classic requires downloading an application, but only supports Windows 2000 and 2003, XP and Vista. The Keeper Light has a higher security level and can be used with a mobile phone.

3. Type your personal data (e.g., full name) and contact information in the registration form. Click "Proceed." Confirm your personal details are correct on the next screen and click "Proceed" to go to the "E-mail Verification" page.

4. Check the e-mail address that you entered in the WebMoney registration form. Open the WebMoney "Registration" e-mail and copy the registration code in the e-mail. Go back to the WebMoney "E-mail Verification" screen and put the code in the "Specify the Code" box. Complete the mobile-phone verification step if you signed up for a "Classic" account that requires registration of a cell-phone number. Click "Proceed."

5. Type a password for your account in the spaces provided and click "OK" to complete the registration.

Setup and Fund WebMoney Purse

6. Click the "Create One" link in the "Purses" section of your WebMoney account. How to create a new purse in WebMoney Keeper Mini

7. Click the "Currency" drop-down menu and select the appropriate purse type for the currency you want to transfer. For example, select the "WMZ" purse if you want to transfer U.S. dollars.

8. Click the "I Accept" box to agree to WebMoney's "Terms of Use" agreement. Click the "Create" button to create the WebMoney Purse.

9. Click "Add Funds to the Purse" in the "You Can" section of your account. Click "Choose the Most Convenient Method to Add Funds" to open a new page and view options for funding your WebMoney purse.

10. Click the "Input Methods" option on the left side of the page corresponding to the purse-type you set up. For example, click "Input Method WMZ" to view funding methods for the "WMZ" purse.

11. Select the funding method you want to use and add funds to your purse. For example, click "Bank Wire" or "E-currency Exchange." Follow the on-screen steps for completing the money transfer to your WebMoney purse. For example, click the link to the secure WebMoney banking site if transferring via bank wire. For a bank wire, you have to pass "authorization" for your account, enter the amount you want to transfer, print, sign and then fax the agreement to WebMoney's financial team. If using an online e-currency exchange service, click the name of a service provider you want to use, sign up at the exchange website and buy a deposit for your WebMoney purse.

12. WebMoney Keeper Mini financial restrictions

How you can send money from payapal account to webmoney account.

1. After you make new webmoney account you need register in on of the exchanger - the most cheap (from 5 $ fee) exchanger u can find below

2. After adding the number cell phone you will receive information on the status of your request.

3. All you need to do now is buy premium account using webmoney option
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How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney How to buy Premium Account using PayPal-Webmoney